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What does the Monto global script do?
What does the Monto global script do?
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The Monto global script is a key part of how our apps are able to integrate with your Webflow site. Without it, many of our apps cannot function as they are supposed to.

A few examples of what the global script is required for:

  • Abandoned Cart Recovery: Capturing your customer's abandoned cart information so that we can send them a recovery email

  • Affiliates: Connecting an order with the affiliate who referred it to your store

  • CRM: Pulling in leads to your dashboard

  • Multi-Currency: Changing the prices on your site to the visitor's local currency

  • Social Proof: Displaying popups on your store of recent customer orders and reviews

You can find your Monto global script in the setup tab of any app:

Important: Each site you add to Monto will have its own unique global script. Please ensure you copy and paste each code into their proper site.

Paste it into your Webflow site's Project Settings > Custom Code > Head Code section:

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