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Collect custom information in your abandoned carts
Collect custom information in your abandoned carts
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By default, Monto's Abandoned Cart app automatically captures your shopper's email address and name when they input it at checkout so that we can email them if they abandon the cart. Monto also automatically captures shopper's email address if they input it on any form (such as a newsletter or contact form) on your site.

Sometimes shops want to collect other custom meta information and tie it to the abandoned cart. This is super easy to do with Monto!

Using Monto's Designer Extension

Monto's Webflow designer extension makes this super easy.

Open the Monto extension in the Webflow designer by clicking on the app icon in the lefthand sidebar and select the "Monto" app.

In the Monto extension, select "Abandoned Cart Recovery" from the list of apps and you will see this screen, which asks you to select a form field.

Select the form field you want to capture in your abandoned carts, such as the "Name" field from a popup or contact form, etc.

Then select "Name" from the dropdown in the extension panel.

Click Save.

This will apply the selected Monto class to the form field on your site.

Note: You might need to select a different element and then select the form field again in order to see the class in your styles panel.

If your form field already had an existing class before adding the Monto class, you might not see the extra Monto class in the style panel, but inspecting the element on the live site will show it to be in place.

Manual Method

Add one of the following standard CSS classes to any form field input on your site:

  • monto-meta-phone

  • monto-meta-address

  • monto-meta-address2

  • monto-meta-city

  • monto-meta-state (State/Province)

  • monto-meta-zip (Zip/ Postal Code)

  • monto-meta-country

  • monto-meta-message

These fields are only needed if adding to a non-checkout form (Monto will automatically capture name at checkout without adding these classes):

  • monto-meta-name (for combined)

  • monto-meta-fname

  • monto-meta-lname

Custom Meta Info

If you want to add a field that isn't listed above:

Just add the class monto-meta-_______ on any form field on your site. (Just make sure to replace "_____" with what you're trying to collect). From there we'll pick up the info and associate it with a cart as soon as it's created.

That's it! Now we'll start syncing that field to your abandoned carts when it's provided.

Curious how to increase the number of your recoverable Abandoned Carts? Check out this article on Augmented Email Capture.

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