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Webflow Membership Subscription 'Add to Cart Button' Disappears
Webflow Membership Subscription 'Add to Cart Button' Disappears
Updated over a week ago

This is not a problem on Monto Subscriptions, only for users trying the new Webflow native Membership Subscriptions.

The Problem:

When using the new Webflow Memberships update to create a subscription product, the "Add to Cart" button disappears when viewing the live site.

The Solution:

This happens if you've previously deleted the "Buy Now" button and decided to just opt for the "Add to Cart" button instead.

Unfortunately, Webflow Memberships uses the Buy it Now button as the "Subscribe" Button and so therefore needs it in place to allow users to checkout.

To fix this, simply:

  1. Go into the products template page

  2. Delete the entire 'default state' cart section including quantity, variations, etc.

  3. Add back the "Add to Cart" block (do not delete the Buy It Now button)

  4. Publish the changes

Once that is done, go back to your live site and you should see the "Subscribe Now" button.

The Alternative:

If you don't like having both the 'add to cart' and 'buy it now' button, then use Monto!

Monto is a Webflow app that integrates seamlessly and adds many powerful features that the new Webflow Memberships does not such as:

  • Offer reduced price trials ($1 for first month, then $30/mo)

  • Fixed term subscriptions (1 month, 3 month, 6 months, etc.)

  • Customer can pause subscriptions

  • Customer can update payment info

  • Checkout with multiple products

    • Webflow native requires separate checkout for each subscription product

  • Checkout with mixed products (one-time purchases & subscriptions)

    • Webflow native requires separate checkout for regular & subscription products

  • Fast Checkout (no two factor authentication before purchase)

    • Webflow native requires users to signup, confirm their email address with a 2FA email, then return and sign in before even being able to checkout with a subscription product.

Monto also offers other great apps that integrate seamlessly together and with Webflow stores:

  • Review widgets

  • Abandoned Cart Recovery

  • Affiliate Management

  • Currency Converter

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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