If you're using Foxy's cart & checkout integration on a Webflow site, but want to extend the functionality even further – you're in luck! Monto integrates seamlessly with Foxy to offer Abandoned Cart Recovery, Reviews, Affiliates, CRM, and automatic Currency Conversion.

  • First, create a Foxy account and a Webflow site and follow these instructions to connect the two.

  • Sign up for Monto or connect a new site to your existing Monto account.

  • On the screen that pops up, click the checkbox that says "This site is using Foxy"

  • On the next page, you will see the embed code for the Monto reviews widget (or whatever app you select) and the Monto global script. Add the global script to the "Custom Code" tab of Project Settings.

  • If you want to use reviews, add the review embed codes to your product pages

  • Using the same Monto Global Script from the previous step, log into Foxy and go to Templates > Configuration > Add custom header and footer code to your templates. Paste the code in the first "custom header" box.

  • Go back to the Monto setup page and find the Webhook Title and URL you will need for the Foxy webhook

  • In Foxy, go to your Foxy account > Integrations > and enable the Json Webhook

  • Paste in the title and URL provided by Monto

  • Ensure that "Transaction Created" is checked.

  • Click "Update Webhooks" to save.

Congrats! You've just integrated your Webflow/Foxy store with Monto!

Here's a quick video overview of the process...

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