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What happens when I hit my ACR quota?
What happens when I hit my ACR quota?
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If you hit your Abandoned Cart Recovery quota and don't have auto-upgrade "on" then your ACR app is turned off until the next billing period or until the plan is upgraded.

Note: Duda websites cannot be auto-upgraded and the shop must manually upgrade to the next tier to ensure the app does not stop sending recovery emails.

When ACR reaches quota:

  • All new abandoned carts are no longer sent recovery emails

  • Carts abandoned prior to hitting quota are still sent the remaining staged emails

  • New abandoned carts (after quota is reached but before upgrade or new billing cycle) that sit for more than 10 days without the app being turned on are lost forever and cannot be recovered

When ACR is upgraded or hits next billing period:

  • Abandoned carts that are 10 days old or less are sent recovery emails

  • All new abandoned carts are tracked and sent recovery emails

While we try to give some flexibility in these cases by sending recovery emails for abandoned carts that are 10 days old (or less), this is not ideal for conversions. Customers who have waited 10 days to hear from you have likely purchased a competing product elsewhere or might no longer feel the desire they once had.

How to prevent this issue!

We highly recommend turning on "Auto-upgrade is enabled" (on by default) so that your plan will never lapse. We will ensure your plan upgrades immediately and abandoned cart emails will never stop being sent to your customers.

You can turn on auto-upgrade on the Monto billing page here:

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