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What constitutes a recovery?
What constitutes a recovery?
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Simply put a "Recovery" is when all of the following are true:

1) A customer adds an item to their cart and doesn't checkout.

2) We send one (or more) of your customized ACR Stage emails to the customer

3) Customer purchases a product less than 14 days after receiving a Monto abandoned cart email

Each of these steps has to take place in order for it to be considered a recovery. If a customer purchases a product prior to receiving an Abandoned Cart email, we consider it a "Conversion" and it does not count towards your app quota. (see all statuses here)

In order for us to send the customer an email, they must have first entered their email address somewhere on the site. We recommend adding an email capture form high up on the site or in a popup to increase the number of recoveries that are possible by the app. (We capture emails entered anywhere on your site!)
Please read this article if you'd like to increase your number of recoverable carts.

Under what conditions do you not reach out to a cart abandoner?

There are a few rules we have in place to prevent your shoppers from being bombarded with abandoned cart recovery emails. We want to allow you to send a small sequence to them, but certainly want to draw the line somewhere reasonable so they don't get annoyed.

We will NOT send emails if:

  • the store has no stages, stages are not activated, or your account is over quota

  • the cart was last active over 3 days ago and hasn’t received an email from us yet (for example, if your Monto account wasn't active in that time)

  • the cart was active in the user-defined time window

  • the cart has no email address

  • the email address is blacklisted in our central email blacklist (for hard bounces, complainers, etc.)

  • they have previously received an email from us in the past 14 days

  • they have placed an order in the past 7 days

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