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My Foxy carts aren't opening when clicking on an ACR email
My Foxy carts aren't opening when clicking on an ACR email
Updated over a week ago

If you are using Foxy with your Webflow store and clicking on an Abandoned Cart email link doesn't open up the cart, then here is how you fix it:

1. Turn on "Automatically Open Cart"

Go to and ensure that the "Automatically Open Cart" option is toggled on.

2. Insert a Hidden URL field in the Add to Cart button

(Optional) If you want to enable the feature in Monto to include links directly to your products...

Find and open up the HTML Embed field in your Form Block used for the Foxy Add to Cart button.

Paste in the following code hidden URL code:

<input type="hidden" name="url" value="products/{{wf {&quot;path&quot;:&quot;slug&quot;,&quot;type&quot;:&quot;PlainText&quot;\} }}" />

NOTE: Be sure to change the preceding directory if your products are not using the /products category

It should look like this:

This will give Monto the extra information that it needs to ensure the ACR emails can link to the cart with the item.

3. Test it Out

Open your live site in your browser (not incognito window) and add an item to cart.

Click to checkout and add your email address.

Then close out of the tab/window.

Wait until you receive your first ACR email (based on the settings in the Stages tab).

Click on the link in the email and your site should open the site with the cart displayed:

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