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Foxy - How to define your checkout page URL for ACR emails
Foxy - How to define your checkout page URL for ACR emails

And have the ACR email button link customers directly to the checkout page

Updated over a week ago

When setting up your Monto Abandoned Cart Recovery app, you'll find an input box to enter your checkout page URL.

This URL is used in the ACR emails to send customers directly to your Foxy cart or checkout page instead of your website – improving conversions.

To find this URL, go to your Foxy store settings and find your Foxy store sub domain.

To redirect users to the checkout page, simply take your store sub domain and add /checkout.php to the end of the URL.

The example above would therefore be:

You will then also need to go to Monto ACR > Configure page and select "The checkout page" from the CTA Button URL option.

Click Save and then you're done!

Note: If your ACR email button link keeps opening up a cart with the same set of incorrect items, it likely means that you copied a cart ID into your URL. Remove it and use only the parameters above in the Monto ACR settings page.

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