Archiving a Stage on Monto's ACR App
Updated over a week ago

We just aded a new feature for Monto that allows shops to archive a stage in the Abandoned Cart Recovery app. This is useful if you want to change up one of your emails, without compromising the statistics that are associated with it.

By archiving, you can preserve the stats for a specific email such as open rate, click rate, and conversion rate. You can then create a new stage in its place with a different title or body copy to see if it performs better than your previous email stage.

Here's how....

  1. Go to the ACR Stages Tab

  2. Find the stage you want to archive and hover over the stage to reveal the archive icon. Click it and the stage will be archived to the bottom of the page. You can still view the email and stats once it is archived.

  3. Click the "Add a Stage" button in the top right to create a new stage in its place.

Archived stages are visible at the bottom of the page.

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