With Monto Affiliates, you can either signup new affiliates for your store by entering their information manually here: https://www.monto.io/aff

Or you can send potential affiliates to a link and let them signup for themselves.

To find your custom signup link, go to the Monto configure page: https://www.monto.io/aff/configure

This is great to put in your site's footer or email signature so that any customers who want to earn a commission can do so easily.

How to Find the Link

Ensure you have entered a custom subdomain that matches your brand here:

Going to that URL will take visitors to your Affiliate Sign-In page. Beneath the sign in form is a link to "Sign Up". This is for signing up as a new affiliate.

The direct link to this page is:


Replace "YOURSUBDOMAIN" with the subdomain you selected in the configure page.

You can customize the logo that goes on this page in your shop Settings > Options panel.


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