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Automatically add new customers as affiliates
Automatically add new customers as affiliates

Quickly build up your team of affiliates who send you referral orders

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Instead of making visitors signup as affiliates manually, you can automatically add them to your roster after they place an order. This enables them to immediately refer their friends and family to your site in order to earn a commission.

Toggle On Automatic Affiliate Signups

Go to Affiliates > Configure page and toggle on the option called "Add new customers as affiliates"

Assuming you've also enabled the "Send Welcome Emails to New Affiliates" option ('on' by default), then your customers will immediately receive an email after purchasing an order letting them know they've been added an affiliate. This email will include their referral URL and a link to the affiliate dashboard.

Display Their Referral URL on the Confirmation Page

After purchasing an order (and therefore being added as an affiliate), a customer is sent to the "Order Confirmation" (or receipt) page.

We recommend adding a banner with some text letting your customers know that they can earn a commission on any orders they send to your store.

(If using Duda, skip to the Duda section below)

For Webflow Sites

To display their custom referral URL, use the Monto designer extension > Select Affiliates > choose "Display Referral URL".

Then select the text block that you want to replace with the URL and turn on the toggle. Click Save

Manual Method (if not using Designer Extension)

Select the text block that you want to use for the referral URL and add the following custom attribute to the desired text block you want converted to it:


Whatever text you insert in the text block will be transformed into their custom referral URL.

The original text will only be displayed if the customer is not currently signed in as an affiliate. You can use this as fallback text:

For Duda Sites

In the widgets panel, find the Monto affiliates widget and drag it onto your site where you want to display the URL:

From the dropdown, select "Referral URL" and set your fallback text

Save and publish your site!

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