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Use a coupon code to credit affiliates with an order
Use a coupon code to credit affiliates with an order
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Sometimes it might not be convenient to send customers to your store via a long affiliate URL.

Or, if an affiliate is launching a radio ad or a promo video, you might want to use a coupon code instead to make it easy for customers to credit the affiliate.

Here's how to do it:

  • First, create a new coupon code in your site builder for each affiliate who might need one.

    • You must create the coupon manually first in order for this to function properly. Monto is unable to create coupon codes in your shop automatically.

    • You can add an extra incentive like a 10% discount for customers or even make it 0% if you want to only use it to credit an affiliate

  • Next, create a new affiliate in Monto or edit an existing affiliate:

    • In the Coupon Codes box, paste in the coupon code you created. (You can add multiple coupon codes here separated by a comma)


NEXT: Click the "Add" button (or "Update" if editing an existing affiliate) and you're all set!

When an affiliate logs into their profile, they will see any coupon codes associated with their account.


Note: if a customer uses an affiliate URL and a coupon code that belong to different affiliates, the URL will supersede the coupon and only grant credit for the order to URL affiliate.

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