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Track Form Submissions with Monto Affiliates
Track Form Submissions with Monto Affiliates

Give credit to affiliates who send leads to your site

Updated over a week ago

We recently released a new feature for Monto Affiliates app that will allow your affiliates to get a commission for every lead they send to your site via a form! The app already works for product orders referred by an affiliate, but we got a lot of requests for form submissions so we've added it in as well.

Step 1 (Webflow): Add the Custom Attribute Tag to Your Forms

If you are using Duda, please skip to the alternate Step 1 at the bottom of the page

Click on the "Form Block" (not the form layer) of the form(s) you want to track.

Open the new Monto designer extension in the Webflow designer panel by clicking on the app icon in the left sidebar and select "Monto"

Then select "Affiliates" from the list of Monto apps"

Select the "Form Block" of the form you want to grant commissions for.

(You might need to use the Navigator layers panel to select the Form Block as opposed to a form field.)

Make sure the toggle is on (blue) and click Save.

Save and publish your site!

Skip to step 2 further down the page.

Manual Method (Skip to step 2 if you used the designer extension method above)

Go to your Custom Attributes in your right hand panel and add a new one.

  • Name: monto-affiliate-form

  • Value: true

Save and publish your site.

Skip to step 2 further down the page.

Step 1 (Duda): Create a Special Field in Your Form

In your Duda page builder, click on the form you want to track affiliate leads for.

Create a new field and in the "Field Label" add the title:
Do not mark as a required field. Leave all other attributes as they are.

This will add a new field to the form. It will be visible in the builder, but hidden on the live site so your customers won't see it.

Be sure to publish your site once you've added the field.

Proceed to Steps 2 - 4 above.

Step 2: Add a Default Form Commission Rate in Monto

Go to your Affiliates Configure page and add a default form rate.

Here we added a default rate of $0.10 per lead. Just like with order commissions, you can also set a custom form commission rate by editing an individual affiliate's account.

Step 3: Let Your Affiliates Know

Let your affiliates know which forms are being tracked so they can be sure to send leads your way. If they login to their affiliate profile at your custom subdomain, they will see any recent forms they sent your way as well as the commission they are owed for them.

Step 4: Manage Your Form Submissions

You can view the referred form submissions under the Monto Form Submissions tab.

This will only show you forms sent by your affiliates.

Submissions are separated by the form name.

You can test the form by adding yourself as an affiliate, copying your referral code and pasting it into your browser. Fill out the form and watch the entry appear in Monto!

If a form is not a real email address or is not valid for any reason, you can simply remove it by hovering over the lead and clicking the icon of the person with the line through them.

If you make a mistake or later realize that one of the commissions you negated is a real lead, then you can always add it back using the same method!

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