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Affiliate Signup Link & Popup
Affiliate Signup Link & Popup

Trigger a popup form or send people a link to signup to become an Affiliate

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With Monto Affiliates, you have several ways of adding affiliates to your store:

  1. Add them manually yourself here:

  2. Insert our affiliate signup popup into your site

  3. Direct them to your affiliate signup link

  4. Toggle on the option to add new customers as affiliates automatically

Affiliate Signup Popup

(If you are using the Duda site builder, skip to the section below

Webflow Sites

You can trigger Monto's affiliate signup popup using any element on your Webflow site (such as a button or text)

The easiest way to trigger the popup is with the Monto designer extension. Click on the app icon in the left menu, select Monto > Affiliates

Select Affiliate Signup Popup.

Select the element (such as a button or text) that you want to trigger the popup. Turn the toggle on and click Save.

Manual Method (if not using Designer Extension)

After selecting the button or text you want, find the custom attribute area in the settings panel and add this attribute:


You can stylize the popup in the Affiliate > Customize tab in Monto.

Duda Sites

In the widget panel, find the Monto Affiliates widget and drag it on your site.

This will create an Affiliates Signup button.

You can then change the style and text on the buttons to match your site.

You can stylize the popup in the Affiliate > Customize tab in Monto.

Affiliate Signup Link

To find your custom signup link, go to the Monto configure page:

This is great to put in your site's footer or email signature so that any customers who want to earn a commission can do so easily.

Ensure you have entered a custom subdomain that matches your brand here:

Going to that URL will take visitors to your Portal Sign-In page. Beneath the sign in form is a link to "Sign Up". This is for signing up as a new affiliate.

The direct link to the affiliate sign-up page is:

Replace "YOURSUBDOMAIN" with the subdomain you selected in the configure page.

You can customize the logo that goes on this page in your shop Settings > Options panel.

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