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Troubleshooting missing subscriptions
Troubleshooting missing subscriptions

How to figure out why a subscription wasn't created

Updated over a week ago

We know this can be frustrating! Let's dig into how to troubleshoot this problem...
By far the most common reason that a subscription may be missing is due to a Subscription Plan not yet being created and attached for the particular product or a variant of the product.

If you notice an order was completed by one of your customers (on this screen) but a recurring subscription related to that order was not found in your list of active subscriptions (on this screen), then first check the order detail.

Look at the product and the variant chosen for that product, if variants exist (such as size, color, etc.).
Then go to your list of subscription plans (here), and find the relevant product. Once you've located the product, check to make sure that there is a plan for the product itself as well as the variant chosen by your customer. Both are necessary!

If you've ensured that the plan exists for both the product and the variant, then please reach out to us in the help portal / chat in the bottom right and we'll look into it for you as well.

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