Yes! We can import subscriptions for Enterprise level clients with a few caveats. Your existing subscriptions must live in Stripe currently. Simple Subscriptions keeps all subscribers in Stripe, so as long as your legacy subscription software also in Stripe, then it's possible.

If you want to do a subscription migration please note that it does require a Enterprise paid plan and once your subscribers are migrated they will no longer be operational in your legacy subscription system, meaning you will need to use Monto Simple Subscriptions moving forward to service these subscriptions.

The product they are subscribed to must also be in Webflow as an e-commerce product.

And there are some case-by-case exceptions as well. There is a lot to coordinate to onboard subscriptions successfully, with mapping fields in the database, so if you have a migration that would like us to look at, please reach out at [email protected] and we can review next steps with you!

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