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Enable recurring affiliate commissions for subscription products
Enable recurring affiliate commissions for subscription products
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Reward your affiliates with ongoing commissions every time a customer's subscription is charged!

This feature requires a subscription to both Monto Subscriptions and the Monto Affiliate app. It is not compatible with Webflow's membership/subscription products.

Note: Monto affiliates app will grant a commission for the initial sale of a Webflow membership / subscription, but cannot grant ongoing recurring commissions.

How to Enable Recurring Commissions

First, go to the Affiliate > Configure tab in Monto.

Then scroll down and enable the "Recurring Commissions for Subscriptions" section.

A new dropdown will display which will allow you to select how long affiliates should be granted a commission: Forever or Limited Time.

If you select Limited Time, you can set the end point in months or billing cycles.

(Example: if your subscription plan is weekly, then selecting 6 billing cycles would grant a commission for the first 6 weeks that a subscriber was charged)

Note: This timeframe does not include the initial sale commission. The "Recurring Commissions for Subscriptions" toggle only applies to subsequent billing cycles.

Disabling Recurring Commissions on Individual Plans

If you have enabled the "Recurring Commissions for Subscriptions" toggle, but don't want it to apply to all of your Monto subscription plans, then no worries.

When creating a new subscription plan or editing an existing one, simply check the box next to "Turn off affiliate commissions for recurring payments." (this is under the "Advanced Settings")

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