Subscription Errors Explained

And how to get notified when they happen

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Here is a brief explanation of each subscription error you might receive on an order.

Some of these can overlap or your shop might have a unique situation so please reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions about an error you received. In some cases, we might be able to recreate the missing subscription for you!

You can be notified by email when Stripe errors occur! Simply enter your preferred email address in the "Subscription Error Alerts" box on the configure page.

Incorrect Payment Processor

  • This can occur if your customer checks out using an unsupported payment processor such as Paypal. Currently, Monto only supports Stripe for subscription orders. Please disable all others.

  • $0 order totals can also trigger this error as no payment information is collected. Please ensure all orders are at least 1 cent to collect payment info.

Stripe Disconnected

Unsubscribed to Monto App

  • Either your trial ended, you cancelled your subscription to our app, or your subscription payment failed and our app is currently OFF for your store. Please subscribe to the Subscriptions app.

No Payment Method

  • No payment method exists in the customer's Stripe profile. It might have been removed after the order was made.

No Such Product

  • The Stripe product for the Monto subscription was deleted

  • Or the Stripe product for "Shipping" was deleted

No Such Customer

  • This could be due to your site being connected to a different Stripe account than your Monto app. Please use the same account for both.

  • Please ensure the order was correctly processed by Stripe and all necessary information was collected.

No Charge ID in Stripe

  • Please ensure Stripe fully processed the charge.

Subscription Already Exists

  • This subscription is already in your Stripe account

Unknown Stripe Error

  • There was an unknown issue in Stripe

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