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Troubleshooting guide: Reviews not displaying on your site
Troubleshooting guide: Reviews not displaying on your site

All of the reasons why your reviews aren't working – and how to fix them!

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There are a few reasons why your reviews might not be showing up (either on some pages or not at all). By following this guide, you should be able to solve 99% of them.

We'll start simple and then work our way down to more complex issues.

If you've ensured none of these are the case on your site, please reach out to our help chat and we'll try to diagnose the issue.

Reason 1: Monto reviews app is not active (expired)

In order for Monto reviews to work, you must have an active account. This can be either a free trial or a paid subscription.

Trial not started

If you have not started a trial, you will see a lock icon on the reviews tab.

Clicking it will take you to the billing page to start a free trial.

Trial or Subscription Ended

If your trial has ended and your have not subscribed to a plan. Or if your subscription was cancelled or your credit card was unable to be charged, you will not see the lock icon. However, if you click on the Reviews tab, you will see a message like this:

If you see this message above, you must subscribe to the Reviews app (or update your payment information) so that we can enable your account.

NOTE: Every site you want to use with Monto must be added to your account. To add a new site, click on your shop name in the top left corner of Monto and click "Add Site." Follow the steps to create a second shop account for your other site.

Reason 2: Monto reviews widget is missing

No reviews or stars will show up unless you have embedded a reviews widget first.

For product / CMS pages, we recommend putting a "Star Rating Only" script underneath the product/item title and then a "Horizontal" or "Masonry" review widget further down the page so people can submit reviews and see individual ones from past customers.

Webflow Sites

Generate a review widget from the Widget Generator page here:

Then paste the code on your site where you want the reviews widget to appear.

NOTE: Every site must have their own Monto review widget scripts. You cannot paste the same Monto review script from one site onto another.

Duda Sites

In the widgets panel, find the Monto Reviews widget and drag it onto your products page or wherever you prefer.

In the content and design settings, you can configure the widget to your layout preferences.

Reason 3: "Hide If No Reviews" is turned on

In the Monto reviews customize tab, there is an option to hide reviews if there have not been any received yet for that item.

Green = On (Reviews will be hidden if none exist)

Grey = Off (Reviews will not be hidden if none exist)

Toggle this off to show the review widgets on all pages again.

Reason 4: Browser Cache

Sometimes your browser might cache a version of the site without the reviews widget in place. This can mean that even though you've done everything right, it still won't display the widgets.

In this case, try opening your site in an incognito window (or a different browser or by clearing your browser cache). If the reviews show up, then the cache was your issue!

The good news is that this problem is only limited to your browser and won't be an issue for your customers.

Reason 5: Collections not enabled / synced

Monto allows you to toggle which collections are synced with our system. Typically the default collections like "Products" are turned on automatically, while other collections might not be.

Go to the Settings > Option page near the bottom left of your Monto dashboard.

Scroll all the way down and ensure that the Product or CMS collection that you want to display reviews on is turned on.

Then click Save.

Any collection toggled off cannot be used with Monto reviews.

If the collection you want was already toggled on – or if you just turned on a collection which was previously toggled off, please scroll to the top of the page and click the "Sync Collections" button.

Note: We recommend turning off any collections that you do not wish to allow customers to review the items of. This helps prevent duplicate the slug issue mentioned further down.

Reason 6: Slug changed

If you change a slug on a product or CMS item that already has received reviews, it will break the connection with our database and those reviews will no longer show on the product.

To fix this, please change the slug back to the original item (you can see the collection and slug of each review in the browse tab)

Or if that is not an option, please contact our Monto support team and we can help fix it for you.

Reason 7: Duplicate items / slugs

If most of your reviews are working properly, but a few products/ items that have received reviews are showing a widget with 0 reviews, then duplicate items is likely your problem.

Duplicate items can happen for a number of reasons, including:

  • Identical slugs for items in different collections

  • Creating an item or product, deleting it, and then recreating it again with the same slug

  • Duplicating products without editing the slug for the new item

  • (And more...)

How to fix duplicate items:

Step 1
Turn off any collections you don't want to use for reviews (see Reason 5). Click "Sync Collections" button once you've changed to the correct collections.

Step 2 (define collection)

If problem persists after step 1... you have two options. You can either define a specific collection to only reference reviews from it, or you can have the widget pull in all reviews for that slug from all collections (see step 2 alternative option below)

Add this extra line to your widget scripts:


Add the collection you want to reference in between the parentheses. Such as "product" for the default Webflow ecommerce product collection.

So your widget embed script might look something like this:

Do this for each of the reviews widgets on your site that might have duplicate items.

Click "Sync Collections" button on the Settings > Options page.

Step 2 (alternative option - show all duplicates)

If you want to display reviews for all products that have the same slug (even if in different CMS collections or products), then add this code to your review code instead of the one above:


Step 3

If problem still persists after step 2, then reach out to our support and we'll work with you to diagnose and correct the issue.

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