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Setting commission rates and conversion window
Setting commission rates and conversion window

in Monto's Affiliates App

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As a merchant you're given the ability to define your commission rate and conversion window for your shop's Affiliate/Referral program.

Commission Rate

Commission rates are determined against the price of the final basket an affiliate refers to your shop, including discounts, excluding taxes and shipping. See an example here.

You can configure your standard commission rate on the configure page, which will apply to all affiliates by default.

If you want to give a custom commission rate to a particular affiliate you can override this default for them specifically by editing their profile on your affiliates page.

Commissions can be calculated either as a percent (of the order subtotal) or a flat dollar amount.

Conversion Window

The conversion window is the number of days after a customer initially visits your site (via an affiliate link) that any purchase from them will be credited to the affiliate.

Most merchants set this to be between 5 and 30 days, but it is highly variable based on the behavior of your shoppers.

Need any help determining the right Commission Rate and Conversion Window for your business? Reach out, we'd love to help you!

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