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How are affiliate commissions calculated?
How are affiliate commissions calculated?

And what happens with refunds/returns?

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As a merchant, you're able to define a store-wide default commission rate as well as custom-define a rate for an individual affiliate. You can read more about those settings here.

Commission is determined including discounts and excluding shipping and tax.

So, for an example, you have a product that's being sold as follows:

  • $100 product

  • 20% discount

  • 10% tax

  • $5 flat shipping

Let's assume you have a 5% commission rate on your store. A shopper then purchases this product via an affiliate link.

The shopper's total will be $93:

  • $80 ($100 product plus 20% discount)

  • $8 for tax (10% tax)

  • $5 shipping

Your affiliate will be owed $4 (5% x $80 = $4), based on the price of the product, less discount and not including tax and shipping.


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