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Add "Subscribe and Save" to a product in your store
Add "Subscribe and Save" to a product in your store

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Adding a subscription option to regular products is a great way to increase retention and customer lifetime value!

Check out our video explaining how to add this in your Monto Subscriptions account:

First, open your site builder and find the product you want to add a "subscribe and save" option to.

Add a product variant type called "Subscribe and Save" (or Frequency or something similar)

  • Add a non subscription option called "No Thanks" or "One-time purchase only"

  • "Weekly"

  • "Monthly"

  • etc. (depending on the frequencies you want)

Be sure to lower the prices on the subscription variants so they are cheaper than the one-time purchase option.

Publish your site.

Open Monto and go to the Subscriptions > Plans page.

Click the "Add Plan" button

Find the product you just added the variants to. Be sure to then select one of the subscription variants like "Weekly" or "Monthly".

Do not add a plan to the one-time purchase option.

Setup your subscription options such as frequency and price to match your variant.

Save your plan and watch the subscriptions start rolling in!

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