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Create "installment plans" so customers can pay over time
Create "installment plans" so customers can pay over time

Offer both upfront cost and installment plan options for your products

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With Monto subscriptions app, you can create an installment plan option for any product in your shop so that customers can pay in a set of installments instead of one upfront payment. This could be really useful if you have large priced items that people might want to separate into several payments.

Note: This is kind of a workaround using our subscriptions app and is not a fully developed payment plan system with credit checks, approvals, etc of customers before purchase.

NOTE: Monto cannot prevent customers from having expired payment methods or cancelling their credit cards, resulting in you not receiving the full payment due. Monto does not perform credit checks. Monto is not responsible for any missing or partial payments. Any such disputes are between you and your customers.

How to setup payment plans in Webflow

In Webflow, click into the product you want to add a payment plan to and add an option set called something like "Payment Options" with the variants being "Pay in Full" and "X Monthly Payments" (in this case, we'll use 4 months).

Ensure that the "Pay in Full" price is the total price of the item and the installment variant is: "Full price / # of periods". This will be the first upfront payment that the customer makes when checking out.
In this case, we're doing 4 months so the price is $150 ($600/4)

This will add the options on the product page:

Now that the variant is setup, go into Monto to the Subscriptions > Plans page.

Click "Add Plan" and select the product you want.

Be sure to select the monthly payment variant you just created.

Click "Advanced Settings" and enter the number of total payment periods (including initial payment) in the "Cancel after" box.

Click Add.

Your payment plan is now setup and live!

Turn OFF Customer Portal Cancellations Option

An important step is to not enable the Stripe portal or to at least turn off the ability for customers to cancel their plan. This will help prevent customers from cancelling their subscription before the entire payment is fully made.

Go to the Stripe customer portal page:

And ensure that the toggles under the Cancellation tab are off.

Also you should turn off the "Enable customer portal" option in the Monto subscriptions configure page.

If you are using the Monto customer portal, then ensure that the pause/cancel toggles under the configure tab are turned off.

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