Subscriber Billing Portal
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The subscriber billing portal gives your subscribers access to their own account page where they can take various actions on their subscription, such as upgrade/downgrade, cancel, and edit their credit card info and other billing information.

The page is hosted by Stripe, but there are plenty of customizations available to make the page look like your own.

Monto now has our own customizable billing portal for subscribers – and regular customers! Check it out here:

Enable Billing Portal for your subscribers

If you want your subscribers to be given access to their Billing Portal, there are two things you need to do.

  1. Allow us to send your subscribers a link to their Billing Portal

    When creating your first subscription you'll be asked if you want your subscribers to be sent a link to their own customer portal after signing up. We recommend you do.

  2. Enable the billing portal in Stripe. While logged into Stripe, visit your Billing Portal settings and enable it.

Setup a custom subdomain for your customers in Monto if you haven't already (this will be the same as your affiliate login subdomain). You can do so here:

When customers purchase a subscription product, they will receive an emailed link to their stripe portal.

If they need to access it in the future, they can refer to the original email or you can send them the link directly by going to the Subscriptions page, clicking the 3 dots on the right side of the subscription you want and click "Copy Billing Portal Link." Then paste this link in a message to the customer.

Customize your Billing Portal Settings

There are lots of options available to make your Billing Portal offer the functionality you want and design the page to look like your brand.

To customize your customer-facing Billing Portal, log into your Stripe account and click this link.

Here you can add lots of powerful options for your customers. Be sure to toggle on any option from the list below that you want to enable for your customers:

  • Customer Information: Allow users to view and update their billing information

    • Email Address

    • Billing Address

    • Shipping Address

    • Phone Number

    • Tax ID

  • Payment Methods: Allow customers to view and update their payment methods

  • Subscriptions: Allow customers to cancel, pause, or update subscriptions

    • Cancel Subscriptions: Set to cancel at end of billing period so they will appear active until you have shipped their products or set to cancel immediately

    • Pause Subscriptions

    • Switch Plans: NOTE: This is not currently integrated with Monto and any changes here in Stripe will not be reflected in Monto's dashboard. Changes & charges will be shown in Stripe only.

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