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My subscribers are "on trial". Why?
My subscribers are "on trial". Why?
Updated over a week ago

During the first billing period every subscriber is temporarily marked as "trialing" in their customer billing portal.

This can be confusing for some merchants who log into Stripe to see their recent subscribers "on trial". However, this is only the case for your subscribers' first billing period (often one month).

Don't worry, even if your customer is trialing they're still on a subscription and did pay you at the point of sale. The reason they're temporarily marked as "on trial" is because of a limitation between Webflow and Stripe.

When a Webflow product that is flagged in Monto as a subscription product is purchased, we go ahead and sign the customer up for a corresponding subscription plan on your Stripe account, but we must put them on a 1 month (or whatever billing interval you have configured) trial, otherwise the user would be charged twice: once at point of sale and again immediately after when the subscription was created. This would be bad! This is because the way Webflow works, the initial purchase must be handled by Webflow itself. Monto then picks up and manages the Stripe subscriptions going forward.

To reiterate, this is only the case during the first billing period of a customer's subscription (usually one month, in between point of sale purchase and their first subscription renewal).

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