As you've probably noticed our Abandoned Cart Recovery app picks up lots of emails of your shoppers who abandon their cart, but we certainly don't get every single one. (This is equally true for all abandoned cart recovery software.)

But because we built Abandoned Cart Recovery specifically for Webflow, there are a few tricks that you can implement to increase the rate of your recoverable carts.

Turn on Augmented Email Capture

This feature is off by default, but you can turn on Augmented Email Capture in your configure page.

Augmented Email Capture moves the email field on the checkout page higher up in the funnel, increasing the chance we capture their email address. Then, when the shopper advances to the checkout page we auto-populate the email field for them, so the user doesn't need to double enter their email.

Capture emails elsewhere on your site, we'll get it!

If you have a newsletter signup, quote form, sweepstakes or other method of capturing email addresses anywhere on the site, Monto will automatically pick it up.

So, if this user then goes to create a cart, we already have a matching address that we can immediately associate.

Are you collecting or storing custom information that you want to pass over to us to increase the number of identifiable customers and carts? Check out this article on passing us those variables.

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