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Abandoned Cart Recovery emails setup & customization
Abandoned Cart Recovery emails setup & customization

Edit your Stages so they look and feel like your brand voice

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70% of sales online are lost to abandoned carts 🤯️ (source)

Automatically recover lost sales with automated abandoned cart recovery emails to your customers who left. See landing page for more info.

Stages is what we call the customizable email sequence that goes to all your shopping cart abandoners. It's pretty customizable to make sure that the sequence looks and behaves the way you want it to.

First, see and customize your stages by logging into Monto and going to Abandoned Carts > Stages (or click here). This is where you can see which Stages are enabled/disabled and also the success rate for each (open rate, click rate and conversion rate)

Now for the fun part: customizing your stages. This is an opportunity to bring your brand voice and colors/logo into the sequence to make your Stages an extension of your brand.

A few general tricks we've noticed after seeing thousands of successful abandoned carts:

  1. 3 stages seems to be best. Our users who have 3 stages convert 20% better than users who have 2 or less stages. 3 is a magic number.

  2. Drop a discount in Stage 3 and mention it in the subject line. Our merchants who mention a discount (even if it’s just 10%) in the subject line in the third Stage get dramatically higher clicks. It just works.

  3. Stages emails support markdown Want to add a little extra personality and flavor to your abandoned cart emails? You can bold, italicize, strikethrough, add links, and even add headings. All the text fields are enabled with markdown support, so feel free to indulge.

  4. Continually improve Most importantly, measure your results and continue to change things. The most impactful pieces of this are most likely your subject lines and the number of stages you're using. Consider adding subject lines such as "Hey, I meant to tell you!" or put that discount in your final stage, step back for a week or two and see if your numbers improve. Our most successful merchants are the ones who are making small little tests and iterating on top of what's working.

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