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How to style the Currency Converter Popup
How to style the Currency Converter Popup
Updated over a week ago

Eventually we'll add the ability to customize the popup from within Monto, but right now the only way to do this is through CSS.

The primary popup container ID is: #currencyContainer. So find your website builder's custom CSS area or footer code section and paste this:

(for Webflow this is typically found here: Webflow project settings > custom code > footer code section)

#currencyContainer {


You can then add any styles you want there to affect the entire container.

A list of a few potential IDs to target:

  • #currencyContainer

    • The main container and background

  • #currencyContainer .title

    • The top title

  • #currencyContainer .subtitle

    • The text under the title

  • #currencyContainer .presets-holder svg

    • The currency icon

  • #currencyContainer .presets-item

    • The currency names

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