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Using Currency Converter App on a Non-Ecommerce Site
Using Currency Converter App on a Non-Ecommerce Site

Automatically convert prices on a Foxy or Webflow CMS site

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Does your site display prices outside of Webflow Ecommerce's Product Collection, or not use Webflow Ecommerce at all? Never worry, Monto Currency Converter app will still work for your site!

There are just 3 steps you'll need to complete for it to work:

Step 1: Price Formatting

All prices must use the same standard format.

$ 123.00 USD

("symbol number currency" with spaces in between each element).

This price can be in any of the 170+ currencies we support and must use the correct three letter code.

Step 2: Add the Monto Attribute to the Price

(This example uses the Webflow designer extension. If you are not using Webflow, skip to the "Manual Method" below)

In the Webflow designer, click on the app icon in the lefthand sidebar and select "Monto"

From the list of Monto apps, select "Multi-Currency" and you'll see a screen with several options.

Select "Convert a Price to Local Currency"

Then click the price element in Webflow that you want to automatically convert to the local currency.

Be sure that the toggle is set to "on" (blue) and click save.

Then publish your site!

Manual Method (Skip to step 3 if you used the designer extension above)

Wrap each price in a span or div and add a custom data attribute: data-monto-convert-price="true" on the span/div containing the price only.

You can add custom attributes in the block settings panel in the Webflow designer.

If you're looking at the raw HTML, it would look something like this:

<p>Our prices begin at <span data-monto-convert-price="true">$ 123.00 USD</span>.</p>

Step 3: Define Default Currency in Monto

In Monto Multi-Currency > Configure tab, set your default currency to the one you are using for your prices (in this case: USD)

By default, non-ecommerce sites don't typically define a default currency, so Monto doesn't know which currency you're using. (This is not an issue on Webflow Ecommerce, BigCommerce, or Duda Ecommerce sites.)

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