Currency Converter Demo and Setup
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Have customers in multiple countries? Help them out by showing the price in their local currency... AUTOMAGICALLY!

How do you know which currency to display?

Magic. Just kidding! Our software uses a combination of detecting your shopper's preferred locale based on browser settings and geo-location of their IP address to determine their country and corresponding currency.

I don't want to be paid in foreign currency or make less money.

Don't worry, you're never paid in foreign currency, our app only cosmetically changes prices on your site to appear in your shopper's home currency. You still make the same money (and in the same currency) as usual.

Are currency conversions accurate?

YES. We do real-time currency conversion so we always show the up to the minute converted rates!

Can I use Currency Converter if a price is outside of an Ecom site?

Yes, see our article aptly titled Using Multi-Currency outside of Webflow Ecommerce.

Which prices will Monto convert?

On a Webflow Ecommerce site, Monto will convert all product prices automatically in all locations such as:

  • Product Grid Pages

  • Product Detail Pages

  • Shopping Cart

  • Checkout Page

  • Receipt Page

On a CMS site (or for non product prices on Ecom), Monto will only convert prices that have our special attribute tag added to them.

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