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How do refunds affect active subscriptions?
How do refunds affect active subscriptions?

Does it cancel the subscription?

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If you issue a full or partial refund of an order that contains a Monto subscription, the subscription will NOT be cancelled and will continue to be charged in the future.

This is done in case there is an issue with a specific shipment, but the customer still wants to continue to receive your products.

The only exception to this is if the refund is issued within the first 2 minutes of an order being placed โ€“ then the subscription will also be cancelled.

You can turn OFF this feature and always cancel a subscription when a refund is granted. Go to the Subscription Configure page and turn on the "Always cancel subscriptions when a refund is given in Stripe" option.

Issue Refund and Cancel ALL Subscriptions in an Specific Order

If you want to issue a refund and also cancel all associated subscriptions in that specific order, you can do this in Monto.

Click into the order you want to refund and click the "Issue Refund" button in the payment panel.

This will bring up a popup that allows you to either refund just the order itself or also cancel all subscriptions within that order.

Issue Refund and Only Cancel One Subscription in an Order

If a client has multiple subscriptions in the same order but you only want to cancel a single subscription and also issue a refund, you must do these actions separately.

First, go into the order you want to refund and click the "Issue Refund" button. Select the popup option to "Refund order."

Next, in the Subscriptions tab, click the 3 dots beside the individual subscription you want to cancel and select "cancel subscription".

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