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Remove Google schema from review widgets
Remove Google schema from review widgets
Updated over a week ago

By default, all Monto review widgets are optimized for Google Reviews Schema and will send the aggregate review data and specific review comments to Google to insert into the search results. This works out of the box for 99% of use cases.

However, if you list other "recommended" products (or CMS items) on the same page as a primary product / item, then Google can sometimes get confused and display the wrong reviews or none at all in search results.

In order to help ensure Google is only looking at the primary product on a page, we've created an option in our embed code generator that will turn off Google schema for specific reviews.

How to Remove Google Schema From Reviews

  1. Go to the Widget Generator (if using Duda, insert Monto's Review widget).

  2. Select the type of review widget you want and any other options

  3. Then "check" the box next to "Remove Google Reviews schema"

  4. Copy the provided code and insert into an "embed" block in your site.

  5. Done – Publish your site!

Next Step: Wait
It can take time for Google to crawl and decide whether or not to change their displayed results. So sit back, relax, and pray to the Google gods that they show you kindness ⭐️

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