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Embed a different review code on each product or CMS page in Webflow
Embed a different review code on each product or CMS page in Webflow
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Note: This is not the standard method of using Monto Reviews, nor is it something we would recommend you do unless you have a very specific use case as outlined below.

This method requires manual insertion of the Monto embed code on every single product or CMS page and does not use our default, auto-detection of products for reviews matching.

(as opposed to the default method of just inserting the same code onto the product / CMS template page)

Possible Use Case:
You might want to use this strategy if your products are separate listings from their variants, and you want all reviews of variants to reference the primary product.

In that case, if you were to simply embed the normal Monto review code which pulls the current product slug, any reviews your variants receive wouldn't be reflected in the parent product or in other variants.

So how do we fix this?

Step 1: Create a New Custom Product Field

  1. Go into your product settings and click the "Add New Field" button.

  2. Select Rich Text

  3. Name your new field something obvious like "Monto Review Code" (You might need multiple fields if you want to show the star rating and the reviews widget)

  4. Make it Required (optional - but helps you remember to insert it)

  5. Save your Collection

I've created 2 fields here so we can insert a custom code for both the star code (for underneath product title) and for the review widget itself which will live further down and allows people to see current reviews and leave a new review.

Step 2: Insert a New Rich Text field in your Product (or CMS) Template Page

  1. Drag and drop the Rich Text Field where you want to display the Monto Review code. We recommend putting the stars beneath the product title and the review widget further down the page.

  2. Go to your block settings and link the rich text block with your "Monto Review Code - Widget" field and do the same for your star field as well..

Step 3: Paste the Monto Review Code In Each Product

  1. Now the repetitive part.... go into each of your product pages and scroll down to the "Monto Review Code - Stars" and "Monto Review Code - Widget" section.

  2. Click the plus button and add the code block (you can't just paste the code directly into the field, you must add the code block first)

  3. Paste the Monto Review code you want to embed from the Reviews setup page (adapted to reflect the product slug that you want to display on this variant or particular page, regardless of its actual slug).

  4. Click Save and Publish your site

If you want to make each review of a product variant reference its parent product, you should follow the instructions on this page for showing reviews of a different product than the current slug.

As you can see, essentially you will want to delete the default code inside the quotes of the "data-reviewable-id" and replace it with the desired product slug (not including /product/ etc.)

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