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Guide: Google Rich Snippets for Reviews
Guide: Google Rich Snippets for Reviews

How to setup & troubleshoot Monto Review schemas

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By default, Monto Review widgets include Rich Snippets for both "aggregate rating" and individual "review" types.

So, the review schema is included in your widgets automatically!

To see if your schema is setup correctly and to ensure Google can see it, follow these steps:

  1. Check SERP: Please first check Google’s SERP preview by entering a product from your site into this tool:
    (Note: this only works for products with reviews)

Here you see 2 valid review snippets. Clicking into them you will see the specific data for each:

2. Sync Collections (only necessary after making changes): Sync your collection items again after making schema changes. You can do this on > Sync Collections. It might take a few minutes for the changes to take effect.

3. Reindex Page / Site: Go into Google Search Console and resubmit your page(s) to Google for crawling.

4. Wait: You will need to wait a few days to a few weeks before changes are reflected in Google. Even if you do everything correctly, Google may still not show the review schema for a long time. Their algorithm is a black box and hard to predict.

What do I need to do in order to give my products a Rich Snippet in Google results?

If you're using Monto Reviews, nothing 😀.

By default, Monto will add HTML markup to your page to give you Rich Product Review Snippets for all your products.

If you want to check to make sure the reviews schema is on your product pages and the structure of the is properly organized you can plug in any product URL at the Google's Rich Results Test Tool.

In the Google Rich Results Test Tool, you, you might see fields that are missing like "description", "brand name", etc... but don't worry, these aren't necessary for Reviews snippets to work – these fields are for other rich snippets (there are many!).

However if you want to add additional structured markup to enable other types of snippets, you can do so yourself by adding structured markup at the page-level or at the site-level in your site builder. Google parses rich snippets by cumulating all rich snippets on a page, not overwriting one with another. So feel free to add whatever additional structured data you want depending on which snippets make sense for your business.

**After installing Monto Reviews on your product pages, your snippets may not show up immediately in your search result listing because Google is a little mysterious about when they re-index your site and which searchers see the snippets.**

What if my product has no reviews? I don't want my Google result to show zero reviews!

Worry not! If you have zero reviews we disable the snippet for that product so we don't pass along information to Google.

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