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Can I let customers review my entire site?
Can I let customers review my entire site?

Instead of individual products or CMS collection items

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While the base code for reviews widgets are designed for individual product or CMS pages, they also have the capability to be used to review your site as a whole.

First, generate the code using the embed code generator.

You can find the reviews embed code generator on the reviews > setup tab or in the Widget Generator page.

In the "Choose the Item to Review" dropdown, select "My Store or Service"

Copy the generated code and insert into your page using the embed code block.

Instructions for Duda Website Builder

While the concept is the same as above, the method is a little different.

First, you'll want to find the Monto Reviews widget in your widgets tab of your site builder.

Then, drag and drop it wherever you want your reviews to display.

In the box labeled "Choose the item to review", be sure to select "My Store or Service" from the dropdown menu.

Close the panel and publish your site!

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