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How to reconnect your Webflow site if it gets disconnected from Monto
How to reconnect your Webflow site if it gets disconnected from Monto
Updated over a week ago

This can happen from time to time especially when Webflow releases a new update or if you change your Webflow account type (example: Moving from Individual to Team.)

If this is the case, don't worry โ€“ย you can easily reconnect your site to Monto. Just follow these instructions below!

Step 1

In Monto, go to Settings > Options

It will take you to:

Step 2

If you see the Red banner saying that your site was disconnected, then click on the "Connect Site" button.

If you don't see that banner, then proceed to the top left account menu and click "Add Site."

Step 3

In the Webflow popup, choose the site you had previously connected to your Monto account. Click "Authorize Application"

Important: Do not choose a different Webflow site than you have been using for that specific Monto shop

Step 4

On the next screen, click the box that says "Update or Reconnect an Existing Site" this will ensure you are not creating a new shop on your account.

Be sure the Webflow and Monto shop names are correct. Click Update.


Video Walkthrough:

Or if you want to change the site that your Monto account is connected to, follow these instructions.

NOTE: We recommend not changing the site a Monto account is connected to. Instead, it is better to add it as a new shop in Monto by clicking on the top left Shop name menu in Monto and clicking "Add Site" instead.

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