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Can I import reviews from other places into Monto?
Can I import reviews from other places into Monto?
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Whenever you're ready please export your reviews from the other platform and import them into this template. Once that is done, please email the file as a .csv to [email protected] and we’ll take care of the rest on our end.

Please note: any bold headers in the doc are required and non-bolded headers are not required.

Please remove ALL blank rows from your CSV file. Even the empty ones at the very end of the sheet.

Fields to Use:

  • product_slug (REQUIRED)

    • The slug for just the individual product and not the entire URL (leave off your shop's domain, /product, etc.)

    • Ex: cup-white

  • rating (REQUIRED)

    • The score of the review as a whole number from 1-5

    • Ex: 5

  • title

    • The title of the customer's review (if enabled in customize)

    • Ex: Best Cup Ever!

  • message (REQUIRED)

    • The text of the review itself

    • Ex: Love this cup. Its the perfect size and it fits my morning coffee perfectly and keeps it nice and hot. Will buy again!

  • reply

    • Your shop's reply to a customer's review

    • Ex: Thanks for the kind words!

  • created_at (REQUIRED)

    • The date the review was written by the customer. This should be formatted like this: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.

    • Ex: 2022-10-25 09:53:15

  • published (REQUIRED)

    • Whether the review is automatically published live on the site after upload or needs to be manually published by your shop after upload. This is indicated by "TRUE" (published) or blank (unpublished)

    • Ex: TRUE

  • customer_name (REQUIRED)

    • The name of the customer who wrote the review

    • Ex: John Smith

  • customer_email

  • customer_profile_picture_url

  • marketing_opt_in

    • Whether the customer has agreed to receive marketing emails from the shop. "TRUE" is opted-in and blank is not.

    • Ex: TRUE

You are able to import multiple aspects of the review, from the customer name and avatar to their start rating to their message or written text. While we do support image uploads in Monto Reviews, we do not currently have a way to import images from outside of Monto for historical reviews. The spreadsheet above details the available fields for import.

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