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Create new order in Monto via API
Create new order in Monto via API
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All requests require authenticating (see here).

Before making any API request. Please make sure there are no syncing issues with your shop. These issues are pretty rare, but it must be fixed before sending any API request. Please visit Monto > Site > Options (or click here) to confirm you don't see an error like below. If you do, simply connect site at which point Monto will re-index and you'll be clear to interact with the API.

When you create a new order via API which will do two things:

  1. Trigger a Call To Review email (given you're a Reviews user and have CTR emails enabled on your configuration page enabled) after your delay interval (configured on the same page)

  2. Create a new order line item in your orders page

You can let Monto know about a new order by sending an API request like so:


With the following info:

"order_id": "abc",
"customer": {
"name": "John Doe",
"email": "[email protected]"

"status": "fulfilled",

"items": [
"slug": "first-product"
"slug": "second-product"

If the status of the order is FULFILLED and the site is subscribed to Monto Reviews, a call-to-review mail will be sent to the customer after the delay configured in the Monto settings.

Additional information on payload attributes:

  • "order_id"

    • You can put any unique identifier here. For example, if you're using the API to send CTR emails after an Eventbrite order, put your unique Eventbrite order ID here. This is simply an internal value to differentiate one order submission from another, but it must be a unique value in order to not overwrite an existing submission and trigger a CTR.

  • "status"

    • For now we only support the statues "pending" and "fulfilled".

    • Unless specified, it will be set to "pending" by default.

    • No Call To Review emails will be sent unless it's set to "Fulfilled"

  • "slug" in the item object must match the corresponding Webflow collection item. Monto will automatically retrieve the synced information from Webflow and display the name and image of the product inside the CTR email given the slug.

Response: Empty response with HTTP status 200 OK.

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