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Currency Converter isn't working for me (troubleshooting guide)
Currency Converter isn't working for me (troubleshooting guide)
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Step 1

First, visit your Currency Converter setup page and double check settings and setup there.

You will need to insert the Monto global script from that page into your Webflow Site settings > Custom Code > Head code section (you only need to do this once per app)

Note: this script is auto-inserted in BigCommerce or Duda sites

This is usually all you need to get Currency Converter up and running on an Ecommerce site!

Check what your site looks like using a VPN (Free app here).

If you're still seeing an error, then the most common thing is a formatting issue in your prices.

Step 2 (Ecommerce Site)

Check your currency format settings in the Webflow designer Settings > Ecommerce > General tab (or if using another website builder).

It should look something like this:

Be sure your "Amount Format" uses either:

  • Comma thousand separator (see above)

  • No thousand separator

The following formats will NOT work:

  • Space thousand separator

  • Period thousand separator

Step 2 (CMS Site)

Be sure to wrap the price in a span tag with the custom attribute mentioned in the article.

Format the price using no thousand separators and with a space between the symbol, price, and currency code.


$ 1200.00 USD  OR  € 1200,00 EUR


$1,200.00 OR €1.200,00
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