Does your site display prices outside of Webflow Ecommerce's Product Collection, or not use Webflow Ecommerce at all? Never worry, Monto Multi-currency will still work for your site!

There are just 3 standards you'll need to maintain for it to work:

  1. All prices must use the same standard format as explained in our demo video and setup page: Price format: $ 123.00 USD ("symbol number currency" with spaces in between each element).

  2. Then, wrap each price in a span or div and add a custom data attribute: data-monto-convert-price="true" on the span/div containing the price only.

  3. In Monto Multi-Currency > Configure tab, set your default currency to the one you are using for your prices (in this case: USD)

If you're looking at the raw HTML, it would look something like this:

Example: <p>Our prices begin at <span data-monto-convert-price="true">$ 123.00 USD</span>.</p>

For step 2, here is how to configure the custom attributes. You can add custom attributes in the block settings panel in the Webflow designer.

For step 3: By default, Webflow doesn't define a default currency for CMS websites, so Monto doesn't know which currency you're using. (This is not an issue on Webflow Ecommerce sites.)

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