In some cases you may want to be able to send users to your a page to leave a review but have the review modal open automatically when the user arrives on the page, requesting a review.

In the case of an ecommerce store who sends Call To Review emails to their customers via Monto, all of the links in the CTR emails have this behavior.

There are many reasons why you may want this, one of which is if you are trying to replicate our Call To Review emails to contain links that prompt the user to leave a review but send the emails with a different email service, like Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor or others.

Here's the trick, just take any page where our review widget is installed and add this to the end of the URL ?monto_review_form_open=1

For example, the this URL:

Becomes, this:

There ya go! Standing by if we can help you with anything else.

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