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How to set the featured image for Review widgets
How to set the featured image for Review widgets

This is usually only necessary when using reviews with CMS items

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When a customer clicks on the "Write Review" button in the Monto widget, they get a popup with a preview of the product or CMS item.

However, sometimes you might find this isn't the image you wanted to use to represent your product. Here is how you fix it.

Monto Prioritizes Images Based on Their Field Name:

  1. Main Image

  2. Image

  3. Featured Image

  4. (any png, jpg, jpeg, or webp image)

By default, Webflow E-commerce products' primary image field is called "Main Image" so you don't normally need to do anything for product images to work properly.

Create the Image Field Name in Webflow

In your CMS collection, click on the "Add New Field" button

Add a new Image Field and call it "Main Image"

Note: Changing the name of an existing field will not work.

Note: You don't need to actually add this image to your CMS page template unless you want to. Monto will be able to pull it in regardless.

Save and publish your site

Note: Once you have published the update, go to and sync your collections.

Monto will typically take 5-10 minutes to recognize the new image. After that time, do a hard refresh on the page / open in incognito window to see the new image!

And done!

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