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How does my dedicated subdomain work on Monto?
How does my dedicated subdomain work on Monto?

And why are my affiliate and customer portal subdomains the same?

Updated over a week ago

For Simple Subscriptions and also for our Affiliates apps, you will be able to set a subdomain for your users to access their information (subscribers for plan management and affiliates for earnings).

To allow for a dedicated space for your users to log in only to your store, Monto provides a dedicated subdomain.


That subdomain will function across any login needs for your users, whether affiliates, clients, or others in the future! (Lots of features in development...)

The subdomain is the same; however, the individual login URLs will be different for each.

For subscribers, you can deep link them from your website or customer support communications to:

For affiliates, you can give them the following login URL:

You can determine what the "yourstore" part (the subdomain slug) is by visiting either (if using Subscriptions) or (if using Affiliates).

NOTE: If using both apps, then changing the subdomain in one place will also change it in the other, since the subdomain applies universally across your account.

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