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Server errors and dropped webhooks on Monto or Webflow
Server errors and dropped webhooks on Monto or Webflow

What happens when Monto misses an order from Webflow?

Updated over a week ago

We have over-built our servers and created redundancies to ensure this doesn't happen often! We want your store to always be earning as much as humanly possible. But, no system is perfect. No server is up 100% of the time. And no API connection is 100% accurate.

(We depend on Webflow's API sending us the information, of course! So if they have temporary trouble then we will miss information, too.)

So, we've built a process to ensure we get caught up quickly for the (rare) situations whenever an error or downtime does occur either on Webflow's end or at our servers.

Currently, we handle dropped or missing webhooks by running a full sync every 24 hours on every shop. This includes all collection items and all orders. And if you also use Simple Subscriptions, then during the order sync, for fresh orders, subscriptions will also be created.

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