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Translate Monto Reviews app into each customer's language
Translate Monto Reviews app into each customer's language

Monto automatically translates the review interface into a number of languages based on browser settings

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Monto will automatically detect your customer's browser language and translate the review interface (not individual reviews) into a customer's local language if we currently support it.

Currently Monto supports:

  • da - Danish

  • de - German

  • en - English

  • es - Spanish

  • fi - Finnish

  • fr - French

  • hr - Croatian

  • it - Italian

  • nb - Norwegian Bokmå

  • nl - Dutch

  • nn - Norwegian Nynorsk

  • no - Norwegian

  • pt - Portuguese (Brazil)

  • ro - Romanian

  • ru - Russian

  • sl - Slovenian

  • sv - Swedish

If a browser's language is not supported, English will be displayed in the interface.

Don't see your language?

If you'd like to help us add it, please download this document. Translate the text in quotes "" on the right side after each colon : into your language.

Then send it to our support team at [email protected]!
(You might get a little present for helping us out!)

Manually Choose an Interface Language

You can also manually choose an interface language if you prefer for Monto Reviews to always be in your local language. This will only work for the languages we've added above.

Simple add the following line in the Monto Reviews embed script:


Change out da for your preferred language code from the list above

As you can see from this example, this will only translate the interface and not people's individual reviews.

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